Last Few Pages of Anne Frank

Well, I thought that this book was an interesting book about the life of Anne Frank. I could imagine the life she had to live in a small place with many people with strick and hard rules they hard to follow to live safely. Something that annoyed me was that Mr. Dussel and Mr. Van Daan weren’t really good people. The things they did made the story somewhat more annoying than interesting.

It was really sad, how Anne Frank and the people living in the house got caught. The thing that was even more sad was that they had to go to different concentration camps, and eventually the only person that had survived was Mr. Frank.

I realized that at first, Peter and Margot had liked each other, but towards the end, Anne and Peter liked each other. When Mr. Van Daan was to be kicked out for stealing food, Anne tried to stop the adults to kick Peter away. She didn’t really care about the others, she defends Peter from others.

I enjoyed reading the Diary of Anne Frank. I am hoping that there is another lost “Diary of Anne Frank” somewhere. 😛

My third reading of Anne Frank (to page 110)

From pages 70 – 110 I have noticed that the relationships between the people in the house are getting worse and worse. Though the relationship between Peter and Anne are getting better. Anne and Peter seems to like each other, but Peter’s mother doesn’t like that at all. One thing that is getting worse in the Van Daan family is that the mother and father threw away peter’s cat, and the father sold the mother’s expensive coat.

Though I think that the story kind of getting annoying because i was excepting peacefulness and not alot of fighting but almost always they keep on fighting. The thing that mostly annoyed me was that Dussel was becoming an annoying character, but even more… My Van Daan annoyed me most, because he got caught stealing food.

Its kind of boring, next time i read, I hope that the story will be more fun to read. ^^

My next 30pages of Anne Frank

From pages 40- 70 of The Diary of Anne Frank, the story seems sort of boring. Less interesting than the first 40 pages. I noticed a new character in this scene, Mr. Dussel. He is a Jewish Doctor, and doesn’t seem like nice character after all. He seems to be mean and really annoyed by Anne.

Anne’s family said they would only take care of Mr. Dussel for only a short period of time, but they are taking care of him for a long time. Whats bothering me is that Mr. Dussel as a character annoys me.

The people have lived here for a really long time. I wonder what their reactions will be if the war was over and they managed to live outside. Their lives would probably change alot.

I hope the story gets better than this part I had read, or else it’s going to be so boring that even if i read it, I wouldn’t be able to understand what this would be about. ^^

My first time reading the Diary of Anne Frank

Well, I started reading the Diary of Anne Frank today in class. I only read up to page 40 and I think so far it’s ok. It’s just sad how Anne’s family has to hide, not just hide in a small place but to remain silent and unable to to move and use the toilet for a long period of time.

My first impression of Anne is that she is a really active and she annoys people because she talks back alot. Margot seems really quiet, and Peter is just normal but is really annoyed by Anne.

The book is kind of interesting. It makes me want to read more of the book, but I only happened to read to page 44 and then class was over. I’m going to read the rest at home. I hope it will be more interesting later in the story.


Well, for me, I think Poetry is really good. I enjoy reading poetry myself and sometimes likes to write some poems. I’m not that good at writing poems, but I really, really like reading different types of poetry. I know of some types of poetry: Haiku, Jabberwokky(not sure if it is correct. ^^ haha), cinquain, and a sonnet.

One of my favourite poetry book is “Where the Sidewalk Ends”. There are lots of poems in that book. Some are sad, funny, long, and some are really short, they are only 3 lines.

Merry-Making and your learning

  • How important is merry-making in society?  This was our central unit question — now that you’ve studied a very silly play, complete with heaps of merry-making, what do you think? Is merry-making important? How? When? Why?

 I think merry-making is something that all people should have or do because it makes your life more enjoyable and fun! When you are having fun, you feel happy, have fun with your friends, make new friends and feel like you are in a group where you fit in. I think merry-making is important because if you don’t have fun then your life would be a miserable life and would probably hate to see people having a great time together. Many happy people have fun almost everyday, like when they chat with their friends, eat with friends at you favourite place, play fun games together, and even when you work together. Some people don’t realize that they are having a fun time because they are having way too much fun to not realize that he/she is have a great time. When you laugh and enjoy what you are doing, basically you are HAVING FUN!

  • What do you know now, at the end of our unit, that you didn’t before? Perhaps you now know a couple of lines of Shakespeare. Or maybe you’ve learned how to better speak in front of an audience. Or perhaps you now know how to work better in a group. Or you know that having fun really is the most important part of creating a play. Or you’ve learned that creativity requires long periods of time in order to “get into it.”  Whatever it is — please tell your readers what you’ve learned in our unit.

Well, now I surely do know who made the ‘Great Speech’ which is “Some are born Great, Some achieve Greatness and some have Greatness thrust upon them. I thought this speech was said by a president, but I now know that Shakespear had said this. I learnt about the Dramatic Irony (which I didn’t even know what it meant). Last year I had a Shakespear’s unit, but this year I think I learned alot more about Shakespears language and plays. I learned that it was not SO easy to act out the play, because you had to have motion and movements as you say the speech. Another thing I learned was that I don’t have to read the lines all at once, I can have short breaks between lines and do some movements. If you aren’t having fun while acting a play, the play will be boring because the audience will know instantly that it is not fun and that they might think the acter isn’t putting enough effort. If you have fun while acting a play, the audience will think it’s fun and the actors are really enthusiatic and doing a great performance. When you’re having fun while acting, your voice tone would chagne alot and you would be able to change you expression and make the audience know the actor’s emotion straight away, but when you aren’t having fun, and try chagne the expression and emotion, it just doesn’t work well. SO…. Have GREAT FUN while acting a PLAY!!!

They are Mine NOW!

YEA! I’m so happy! I have finally bought a pair of Creative Recreation Shoes!!!

They are so awesome! The shoes come up to my ankle (just like Force-Mid) and the colors are really awesome. The colours are Chrome, red, blue, and white. In a way, the Shoe looks really unique. The design of the shoe is really different from the way other shoes are and even my shoes have a Creative Recreation Badge on it. Because its still new, I cannot wear it to school on a rainy day, or when I have P.E. So… basically I can only wear my shoes 1 day or 2 days a week (from Monday – Friday). I was so Happy! Not only did I get a pair of shoes, I even got a pencil case that matches my bag and I also had gotten a Jacket. The jacket is white with green dots on it. It looks really awesome! ^^

Me as a Director of Twelfth Night

  • f you were commissioned to design and direct a production of Twelfth Night, where would you set it? What would your Illyria look like? What would be your take on each character? What costumes, music, and special effects would you want?

 If I was to direct a production of Twelfth Night, I was call my Twelfth Night, Galactica Twelfth Night. So it would probably be something what people can’t imagine. I will set the place up in Space. There will be a floating city and that city would be covered by a huge oxygen sheild and have lots of plants a trees inside the city. It will be anyother place like in earth, except it is non-pollutant and is really greeny. Though, the city will be with high technology added with olden day things, for example, they will use a light-sabre as a sword. The city will be with high-rise buildings and will use high technology. The costumes would be something like of a Star Trek Uniforms. Space uniforms because they are all in space and at that time Earth doesn’t exist. There will be instruments like violin and flute, except they are real high tech so when the person playing the music, they just have to think of a mood and  then the instrument will play. I’m not sure about special effects, but maybe I could try put in some Aliens. Haha.

  • How would you get each character off the stage in 5.1? Think about where they are going and how they feel. Do they stop and shake hands with other characters? Do they slink off or run off? This will be the last time the audience sees them. What impressions do you want to leave?
I would get the characters off stage by teleporting, since the movie is way in the future with high technology. So like some characters might just disappear and nobody knows where the character went or, I could make them turn invisible and then have them go off the stage. Or just simple, i could have the character walk off the stage like how the really important people walk. They walk in a clean and in a way that shows manners. Well since Act 5 is the last time the audience to see the characters, I want the audience to realize in the end, who they are and what kind of personality they have. 

“But O how vile an idol proves this God!”

  1. Look carefully at Antonio’s speech in 3.4.316-321.
  2. Paraphrase it (put into your own words).
  3. Comment on it.
  4. Give some of your own examples of what he is talking about. Use experiences you’ve had, seen, or heard about

But how vile the looks can be deceiving!

You have, Sebastian, done yourself shame.

In nature there is no flaw but the mind:

Nobody can be called ‘evil’ except for the unkind.

Your future will be beauty, but an evil beauty

Your body is empty, overdressed by the devil.

This is a speech said the Viola from Antonio. Antonio thinks Viola is Sebastian because they have the same looks and are twins. Viola doens’t know what he is talking about and so Antonio thinks she is tricking him. When Antonio says his 4th line, he is describing Viola(who Antonio thinks she is Sebastian). Viola thinks he is crazy and so the police just takes him.

This was similar to the experience I have alot these days. My friend covers another friends head with a hood, and then hits him on the head. Then the friend who got hit uncovers his head and starts shouting at me. I tell him I don’t know what you are talking about, and then he gets real angry and tells me to stop lying. Eventually he gets really angry and is about to hit me, then other friends tell him to calm down, and that I actually didn’t do it. Then he apologizes. Alot of these things happen these days, where people think that I was the person who did the bad thing. But in the end, my friends tell them the truth and the problem is resolved. ^^

STicky Icky Cars

The worst Practical Joke I played was when i was in Grade 5.

ME and my friend would go to L’s place and buy lots of chewing gums. then we would chew it alot until it gets really sticky. then we would go up to a car and stick the gum on the inside part of the handle so that when somebody tries to open the door, their fingers would get really sticky. we did this alot back then, but then i stopped.

My friend got caught at night doing it and got into big trouble, but he didn’t care at all about it. instead he did more and more mean jokes on people’s property. He even started a fire in a construction site, but the flame was way to small to start a big fire. I thought i would get into trouble for playing with him i stopped doing those mean jokes.

I hope you readers wont do mean practical jokes like how my friend and I did. haha! THank you for reading!